Bulletins and Letters

McCauley is customer-focused for the life of the product; from the first concept to the final TBO. That's why we continue to strengthen our product support and sales teams, adding new skilled personnel and improving our ability to respond faster than ever - to any request, from any location. And that's why only the best service centers - at 53 authorized sites around the world - bear the McCauley name and logo. Each center is a hub of technical support, staffed with the industry's best trained and experienced propeller technicians. McCauley offers training and seminars designed to provide continuing product and maintenance excellence, a vital part of our stringent qualification and certification process. McCauley's unique blend of product quality and unequalled customer support is a major reason why we can offer extraordinary reliability, backed by a standard three-year warranty. McCauley compliments that technical support with the industry's largest and most responsive distribution network.

Service Bulletins & Letters

Active Service Bulletin Summary

SB137AF – All ‘Threaded” c1 thru C98 Propeller Models Overhaul Requirements

SB176E – Necessary Actions Following Propeller Strike

SB177B – Lightning Strike Inspection Requirements

SB215C – Governors Exposed to Rapid RPM Change, Lightning Strike, Engine Detonation, Oil Contamination

SB227B – Propeller Installation Mounting Torque

SB240E – 1A170E/JHA Inspection of Propeller Blade for Cracking

SB248 – All 3A32C406 and D3A32C409 Repetitive Blade Airfoil Inspection

SB271A – A-20028 Idler Governor Gear Bearing Inspection

ASB273C – A-20028 Idler Governor Gear Bearing Inspection Instructions,
AMOC for AD 2020-19-06

SB274 – B-40755A Spray Head Assembly Replacement

SB275 – C-5932 and C-5328 Feather Spring Inspection (see video below)

Active Service Letter Summary

SL1989-2C - Static Blade Shake and Twist on McCauley Propellers as Installed on Aircraft

SL1989-4D - Dynamic Balance and Vibration Troubleshooting of McCauley Propellers

SL1995-4C - All "Threaded" C1 through C98 Propeller Models, for Field Inspection and Repair of Propeller Blades

SL1995-5A - Corrosion Preventative for Propeller Blades and Propeller Hub Blade Sockets

SL1997-6B - Troubleshooting and Continued Operation of Turbine Propellers with Blade Seal Leakage

SL1998-23 - Actions To Be Taken After Overspeeding of Propellers

SL1998-24 - C200, C300, C400, and C500 Series Oil Filled Propellers with Blade Seal Leakage Troubleshooting

SL2005-7 - Operating Restrictions For Four and Five Bladed Turbine Propellers

SL2013-1 - Service Information For McCauley Products

SL2021-3 - Aeroshell Grease 5 Alternative

SL2022-1 - McCauley B-6422 and B-4743 Actuating Link Assembly Inspection