McCauley has a full line of governors, spinners and propellers for both single and twin engine applications.

The McCauley Advantage

For more than 80 years McCauley has been changing the face of flight with innovations that are consistently making the best aircraft even better. Through ground-breaking technologies, materials and innovative engineering, McCauley creates the most technically sophisticated propeller systems in the world.

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  • High-strength, corrosion- resistant aluminum alloy
  • Precision engineering and manufacturing
  • Maximum take-off and climb performance
  • Longest TBO available anywhere
  • Fewest ADs in the industry
  • Global network of more than 50 Authorized Service Facilities 


Constant Speed

Already in use in thousands of single-engine aircraft, this propeller series is highlighted by McCauley's unique one-piece, oil-filled hub with threadless blade retention. That means greater dependability, coupled with low cost and high performance.

Fixed Pitch

A full line of aluminum fixed pitch propellers for single - engine aircraft provides maximum performance -and minimum operating costs.


Product enhancements that were specifically developed for full-feathering propellers - like the oil-filled hub and threadless blade retention - have become standard, not just on these models but also on our constant speed models, for the lowest operating costs with high performance and reliability.


McCauley spinners are more than cosmetic attachments. They reduce drag by streamlining airflow. That means improved engine cooling and ram-air induction. Of course, they help make any aircraft more attractive and they're available in natural and polished aluminum.

Governors/Control Systems

McCauley governors deliver precision control - in any flight condition. By hydraulically adjusting the blade angles, governors monitor and control engine speed. The result: quick response and greater RPM stability. In addition to governors, McCauley provides other innovative control systems including synchronizers, synchrophasers and accumulators.

De-Icing Systems

McCauley electric de-ice systems are effective, efficient systems that come with slip-rings, brush-block assemblies, wire harnesses, boots and timers. Fluid anti-ice systems are also available with the same reputation for quality and performance.