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McCauley has a full line of governors, spinners and propellers for both single and twin engine applications.

The McCauley Advantage

For more than 80 years McCauley has been changing the face of flight with innovations that are consistently making the best aircraft even better. Through ground-breaking technologies, materials and innovative engineering, McCauley creates the most technically sophisticated propeller systems in the world.

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  •  High-strength, corrosion- resistant aluminum alloy
  •  Precision engineering and manufacturing
  •  Maximum take-off and climb performance
  •  Longest TBO available anywhere
  •  Fewest ADs in the industry
  •  Global network of more than 50 authorized Service Centers



Aircraft: Beechcraft King Air B300 Series

Engine: PWC PT6A-60A, 1050 SHP, 1700 RPM

  •  4 Blades
  •  105-inch diameter**
  •  Feathering and reversing propeller
  •  Single-acting hydraulic control system
  •  Existing Hub, One Piece, Forged Aluminum
  •  Aluminum Blades – New Aerodynamic Shape for King Air 300 & B300 mission
  •  Weight 177.5 lbs per propeller**
  •  Time between overhaul (TBO): 5000 hrs or 72 calendar months**

** All technical specifications are pending certification and subject to change.